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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post
I mean, a dog's favorite snacks include cat poop, horse poop, and rotting garbage.
Don't forget about their own poop. My dog once was roaming our backyard and found some ancient mummified turd and promptly commenced to chewing that thing vigorously until he'd eaten the whole thing, like it was crap jerky. Probably the nastiest single thing I ever saw him do, mostly because it didn't appear to be a whim, and didn't seem to be a single-bite thing like most other nasty things he ate.

Nope, he had to work at that turd for a while before he ate the whole thing.

Back to the OP... I think they're bright and colorful, and that's what would attract small children, who then just eat everything because they can. I mean my 2 yr old son was chewing on the butt-end of an aluminum flashlight once!

No idea why an elderly non-demented person would decide to snack on one. Cry for attention maybe?