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Originally Posted by Leo Bloom View Post
That first bit I never heard (not saying it hasn't been used). Cite?

Why the English think it's about "order and rule" is kind of bizarre. It makes sense if national encomiums have an idea of their uniqueness, coupled with beauty, however.

Is the interpretation of that portmanteau spelled out in the song?

Do Englishmen, or Collins (as a guess) absorb this cultural image in school, or something?

Sure; just the same way as you absorb all those associations regarding the Freedom-Loving Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Russian, Prussian, Austrian, French, American Eagle, and all that tosh regarding General Washington.

Or the Germans learn of the Hartz Mountains and the Emperor under the Hill; or the Native Americans the Wendigo, or the Jews of Gideon and the Judges, or the Texians of Legends of The Old South-West. It's just something that's there, and private to the people.

As far as Order is concerned, these things come from mediaeval reasonings, such as --- to take the first two to come to mind --- The Pelican [ in Her Piety ] as a symbol of Sacrifice ( she draws blood to feed her children ), and the Phoenix as a symbol of Renewal. Obviously these were synthesized from many earlier traditions.