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Originally Posted by Omar Little View Post
Any adults living in your home should be under a form of rental agreement, that lays the requirements for occupying space there (i.e. the amount of rent due, conditions of cleanliness, responsibilities of shared spaces, etc.), violations of which can result in eviction.
In my experience, people don't become that formal unless absolutely necessary.

And I don't know anyone who suddenly changes the entire housing relationship with their kid like that at an arbitrary age. Humans don't generally want to completely uproot a system that is currently working. They'll tweak it first to accommodate new situations. So, for example, they have to get a job or go to college. Maybe they pay some rent. Maybe their chores increase. But nothing formal.

As for the concept of eviction, most parents don't want to consider it. And, most of the time, such talk is completely unnecessary. Most kids want to move out.

No, I've never known anyone to go formal tenant/lessor unless the kid (or other relative) was clearly taking advantage of the relationship. Or as a sort of face saving measure if the adult kid winds up having to move back home for financial reasons.