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Originally Posted by Royal Nonesutch View Post
I can understand not allowing a 5 year-old to have food in their room, but when the kids were 15, were they still not able to take something to eat into their room as long as they were responsible and cleaned up when they were done?

Did you (the parent) ever take a snack into your bedroom?
I certainly wasn't allowed food in my room at any point growing up. I suppose I could have snuck food up there and then cleaned up really well but it was certainly easier to just eat straight out of the refrigerator.

I didn't care about cleanliness until I was 25 or so and had just bought a house and I wanted to keep it in good shape so I hired a weekly housekeeper. Really there is no benefit to cleanliness aside from maintaining your home. The little bit of good feeling I have coming home to a clean house is completely erased if I'm the one who has to do the cleaning. When I was a kid I only cleaned as much as my parents made me and once I was in college I didn't clean until I had a reason to.