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Another tale about how different things were.

In order to have a messy room you need to have things. Kids 100 years ago generally didn't have enough stuff to make a proper mess.

One specific example, again from my mother: I was scanning and tagging family pictures years ago. One was a grade school group picture. I asked her when that was taken. She knew it was 6th grade. Why? She was wearing her 6th grade dress. The only dress she wore to school that year.

It's hard to leave a big pile of clothes on the floor when you only have a handful of items.

This also reminds me of a related thing. The junk on farms. All the old family farms, their neighbors, etc. had a bunch of junk just lying around. Old farm equipment that hadn't been used in decades. Rusting out trucks and cars. Just random crap.

I wonder if pre-industrial age farmers kept around so much stuff.