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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
My son and daughter each had their own bedrooms and they kept them pretty neat. They also would periodically want to "remodel", changing the theme of their room, color of the walls, etc. I played along.
My mother had a great solution when I started wanting to put up posters: large cork planks. We could do anything we wanted regarding reorganizing stuff in closets and shelves, and on the corks. If we wanted to go beyond that... where's the money? No money? Well, when you have the money I'll call the painters. The corks in my old room got removed a long time ago, those in my brothers' old room are still there and now get reorganized by the grandkids.

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I can't say I've ever known a family where the older children and adults sat at the kitchen table to eat popcorn. Nor can I really imagine what "clean up really well" means if you're talking about eating a candy bar.
For the first, I've never known a family which ate popcorn in the house. For the second, allow me to introduce you to my mother and her mother, and to their trails of wrappers (mom) and fruit peels (both).
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