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Originally Posted by Machine Elf View Post
Originally Posted by Dante Aligheri

Here too, I saw a nation of lost souls,
far more than were above: they strained their
chests against enormous weights, and with mad howls
rolled them at one another. Then in haste
they rolled them back, one party shouting out:
“Why do you hoard?”
OK, I found a much earlier reference to hoarding: Dante's Inferno.

See also Hoarding in History. Bottom line, hoarding ain't a modern thing at all.

I've always interpreted this to mean hoarding gold or money, as a miser.

From what I've seen and read, modern-day pathological hoarding could not exist without the mass production of cheap goods. The Collyer brothers did have a number of interesting artifacts from earlier in their lives, but most of the space in their house was taken up by things like old newspapers. Langley Collyer saved years and years of newspapers, as he said, so his brother could "catch up on the news" when he recovered his eyesight.
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