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Since we've already got ALIEN AGENDA, I'm going to pur forth RULE BY SECRECY, a conspiracy primer that actually makes sense. It's well written, draws logical conclusions (assuming that the author's sources are true) and works backwards in chronology to make keep the reader from going "whaaa?"

If you're in the mood for waaaaay out there conspiracy stuff, pick up anything by David Icke. It's a hoot. And, all controlled by aliens from the Lower 4th Dimension (which is something like the Lower East Side I gather) and best of all...there's no way to prove any of it. Fevered, incoherent, nowhere near internally consistent, but you will tremble when you find out what Princess Diana was doing in the tunnel, weep when you find out that it's too late and wet yourself in terror when you realize that the US is still under British Maritime rule.

Uh, the last one isn't too shocking. It's actually kind of stupid. Icke's really "up with people" and bases his theories around movies he's recently seen (in The World's Greatest Secret (?), you can see the progression from STARGATE to THE ARRIVAL to X-FILES and his next book was entirely based off the MATRIX IIRC. He even references the movies in the text.

Marrs is actually a really good writer and only mildly up with people.

Will have to check out the Black Metal book.