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Originally Posted by Chairman Pow
Since we've already got ALIEN AGENDA, I'm going to pur forth RULE BY SECRECY, a conspiracy primer that actually makes sense. It's well written, draws logical conclusions (assuming that the author's sources are true) and works backwards in chronology to make keep the reader from going "whaaa?"
I've been enjoying Rule by Secrecy for the past few days or so, and I find it generally enjoyable and occasionally fascinating. The ground Marrs stands on seems to be firmer in some parts than others, though. The section on the origins of World War I, for instance, was extremely convincing, whereas his examination of the occult roots of the Nazi party struck me as somewhat out there. He seems anxious to cram every last "alternative" take on world events that he can into this book, which makes me more cautious the farther I go.

Entertaining as hell, though.