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Originally Posted by wesleywesley
"Flatland: a Romance of Many Dimensions" by Edwin A. Abbott is possibly the weirdest book you'll ever read. It's about these different universes where the people exist in different numbers of dimensions (Flatland itself exists in 2 dimensions, for example). It's just so bizarre you have to like it.
Yup. An original Victorian-era genre-buster. The whole thing seems to be sort of a religious allegory and social commentary in the form of extremely bizzare science fiction (check out the social order in flatland - not to mention the role of women!).

My favorite bit? When our friendly Square, taken on a tour of the dimensions, meets the inhabitant of zero-dimension-land, and can't convine him(?) that anything exists outside himself.

Another bizzare allegory is The Man Who Was Thursday by Chesterton. A dectective novel about anarchist terrorism - at least, at first. It just keeps getting more and more bizzare ... a masterpiece.