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I have a lot of these books -- von Daniken, Robert Anton Wilson (my favorite is "Prometheus Rising"), the Subgenius books, a bunch of Lem, Philip K. Dick and Italo Calvino (I like "The Cloven Viscount" personally). The Subgenius ones are amongst my favorite, and I kept the "Book of the Subgenius" in the bathroom for a long time (it is a perfect bathroom read...). "High Weirdness By Mail" was fun in its day, but now with the interweb, all of those guys are a dime a dozen and it has become a lot less interesting.

Here are some nominees for my favorite fringe literature, though:
"Uri" by Andrija Puharich. A biography of Uri Geller written by this dude who traveled with him. It is totally wacked out -- space aliens, faith healings, crazy stuff. All written as true and in a biography style.

"Image of the Beast" and "Blown" by Philip Jose Farmer -- two snuff space alien vampire porn mystery books by a pretty well known sci-fi writer (even though I don't really like his other stuff that much)

Anybody ever read "Stand on Zanzibar" and "The Sheep Look Up" by John Brunner? They are great prophetic underrated set of sci-fi books. Rate up there on my underrated sci-fi with Julian May's Pliocene series.

And the most famous weird book, that everybody should try to get through at least once:
"Gravity's Rainbow" by Pynchon of course and the companion guide. Don't try it without the companion guide. It is famous enough that it probably is out of the league of most of the books in this thread, but this book has it all -- psychics battling giant adenoids consuming London, an intelligent octopus, Malcom X, Kabbalah, coprophagia, rocket science, and a backhand commentary on US society in the 1960s.

Another weird book that doesn't really qualify for the thread but is a helluvan interesting read is "FM 21-76: The US Army Survival Manual." It is nice to be told how to kill a woodchuck (chase it until it turns to defend itself, don't stop running and kick it as hard as possible) or make African bird traps or seawater stills.