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Originally Posted by Moody Bastard
Both of these have been on my to-read list for a while now. We must gravitate toward the same types of works!
Read 'em. They be good, guaranteed.

If you like this sort of thing, you will probably also like "Ficciones" by J.L. Borghes - indescribably cool short stories (my favorite: "Death and the Compass", an Argentinian gangster - Jewish cabballa murder mystery, which is sheer perfection; or maybe it is "the garden of the forking paths" or "The Babylon Lottery" - both simply mind-boggling; shit, they are *all* good).

Or another great work - "The Periodic Table" by Primo Levy - on its surface the (true) memoirs of an Italian chemist who survives WW2, but so much more than it seems.

Another favorite is "The Futorological Congress" by Stanislaw Lem. Also by Lem, "The Cyberiad" - fairy tales for robots; very good and very funny.