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Beatles bibliography:

1. Lennon Remembers, based on interviews with John Lennon by Jann Wenner for Rolling Stone in the early 1970s. Sometimes bitter, but the real thing.

2. The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Less bitter.

2. The Beatles, by Hunter Davies. The authorized biography.

3. I, Me, Mine, by George Harrison. Short on text, long on photos and lyric sheets. Still, it's the man himself.

4. The Beatles: The Biography by Bob Spitz. In many ways better than Davies. If you read only one book, this is it.

5. All You Need Is Ears by George Martin, the fifth Beatle.

6. The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions: The Official Story of the Abbey Road Years 1962-1970, by Mark Lewisohn.

7. Beatle! The Pete Best Story by Pete Best and Patrick Doncaster. The other fifth Beatle. Invaluable inside look at the 19601962 period.

And three albums:

8. The Beatles: Anthology 1, 19581964.

9. The Beatles: Anthology 2, 19651968.

10. The Beatles: Anthology 3, 19681970.