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Originally Posted by WordMan
The Love You Make is an interesting read, but pretty far down the list of books that provide a thoughtful overview of their world. It was written using Cynthia Lennon as one of the, if not *the*, primary source for it, so there is a clear skewing of perspective towards her and how events surrounding the band affected her. Mostly related to their lives and social stuff; little or no music.
Are you sure you're not thinking of some other Beatles bio? Peter Brown, the author of TLYM, was a member of the Beatles' crew. It was definitely an insider's view. Admittedly, many of the revelations are old news now, and it's true that it doesn't cover as much ground as Spitz's book, but at the time (1984) Brown was the first person to talk openly about certain incidents, like the Manila incident, and the details of the Lennons' and Harrisons' first acid trip.