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Originally Posted by Rilchiam
Are you sure you're not thinking of some other Beatles bio? Peter Brown, the author of TLYM, was a member of the Beatles' crew. It was definitely an insider's view. Admittedly, many of the revelations are old news now, and it's true that it doesn't cover as much ground as Spitz's book, but at the time (1984) Brown was the first person to talk openly about certain incidents, like the Manila incident, and the details of the Lennons' and Harrisons' first acid trip.
Co-written with Steven Gaines - a journalist who used Cynthia Lennon as a major source for the material.

I completely agree with you - for when it was published, it was much more revealing. But I re-read it a couple of years ago and the insights are now old hat relative to what is shared in newer, closer stuff - which is also more about the music, which really matters to me.

From an "insider's perspective" Emerick's book is far more idiosyncratic-yet-revealing - he only shares his perspective, and doesn't try to do any more than that, which works because his perspective is interesting and sheds light on their creative process.

The Spitz book is far better as a holistic framing of the Beatles's story, IMHO...