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Hoarding and untidiness in teenage rooms. Are they modern illnesses

Lets look at Hoarding at home. Some of the TV programmes ( usually within the last decade) shows Hoarders to be mainly older folk who cannot control their untidy homes and make it even more untidy, room by room until they have access to only a few metres of the room. I am sure you have seen these programmes. So is this a modern day illness? Or was it reported in 18th century and earlier.

A similar vein. Teenage rooms, including my own children in their twenties, are an incredibly terrible mess. All their clothes on the floor food and used dishes and cutlery on every inch of space. Most parents know this and live with it. Is this also a relatively modern illness? Considering that children with own rooms is a relatively modern phenomena. Have there been any studies on why teenagers are unable to see the filth around them?

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