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For Banks, do either Use of Weapons or The Player of Games. Heck, do both.

Which Heinlein's do you have ahead of Stranger? Besides The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress?

For Clarke: my vote's for Rama, 2001, and Childhood's End. See that some of his great short stories, like (The Sentinel, The Star, the Nine Billion Names of God) make it into one of the collections that Chronos mentioned.

For Niven and some Jerry Pournelle, I'd pick Ringworld, Lucifer's Hammer and The Mote in God's Eye. I like Dream Park and The Magic Goes Away setting too, but can't pick them above those three.

Be sure to have your short story collection contain Inconstant Moon and The Jigsaw Man. Maybe Death By Ecstasy too?

I love Alastair Reynolds---the Revelation Space setting is one I'd absolutely love to see hit the big screen---and Charles Stross, but I'm not sure that any of their novels crack the top 50 all time SF stories.

Any love for Harry Harrison's Deathworld? Or, A Stainless Steel Rat is Born? How about Nolan and Johnson's Logan's Run? I've no problem with calling Fahrenheit 451 sci-fi. Not Bradbury's fault that technology caught up to the things he was predicting: immersive interactive 3-D entertainment, drones tracking people by scent, dialysis as a means of poison treatment. I'd throw Kurt Vonnegut in, but only for his short stories.