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Originally Posted by Amateur Barbarian View Post
<evil glare> That's Jumbotron®, and Sony's lawyers are targeting your location now. Please remain still with your hands in sight and your wallet and any RE deeds on the table in front of you.
JumboTron is trademarked by Sony. The word jumbotron has become a generic term for large video screens. It's pretty much like Kleenex and Band-Aid now.

I've never noticed news or sports reports not using the term Super Bowl. The only time I hear "the big game" etc. is in advertisement for things that aren't official sponsors/advertisers. The local sports talk shows always call it the Super Bowl.
It's the same here in Alabama with the Iron Bowl (Alabama vs. Auburn.) If a company isn't an official sponsor they say stuff like, "Register for a chance to win tickets to the big game in T-Town (Tuscaloosa) or on the plains (Auburn)" or "Stock up for the big game on November 30."