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Originally Posted by Accidental Martyr View Post
Yes, just like the use of Super Bowl by news organizations.
Right. Which is why any news organization that eschews the words is either kidding around or being very stupid.
Originally Posted by Telemark View Post
Sure it can - there are softdrink, snack food, and TV sponsors for the Superbowl. You don't want people selling competitors brand items under the Superbowl name or you won't be able to charge as much for the rights. Why pay big money for the rights to be the "official snack food of the Superbowl" if you can just make a deal with the local Stop and Shop?

The money in Superbowl advertising has gone up dramatically in the past decade; that's why they are pushing it.
This is a huge part of the answer. The NFL has an Official everything and it needs those sponsorships to mean something. If being the Official Left-Handed Supermarket of Super Bowl XLVIII doesn't mean anything because any company can promote itself using the name of the game, companies won't pay the NFL for those sponsorships.