Thread: Perk, or perq?
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Perk. I didn't even know of the existence of the word perquisite. And knowing that word is the only reason you'd allow such a nonstandard spelling as having a q at the end of a word, without a ue. (Iraq excluded because it's foreign.) That's why tranq still exists--everyone knows it means tranquilizer.

Originally Posted by TriPolar View Post
I've always seen it spelled as 'perk'. I imagine a lot of people think it's called that because it's a benefit that would 'perk you up'.
Not quite, but close enough. I always assumed the derivation was similar. I seriously just learned of the existence of perquisite in the last couple of weeks. And I'm someone who always maxes out on those quizzes that test your vocabulary. (It was actually one of the things that my psychiatrist used to discover I had OCD.)