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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Perk. I didn't even know of the existence of the word perquisite. And knowing that word is the only reason you'd allow such a nonstandard spelling as having a q at the end of a word, without a ue. (Iraq excluded because it's foreign.) That's why tranq still exists--everyone knows it means tranquilizer.

Not quite, but close enough. I always assumed the derivation was similar. I seriously just learned of the existence of perquisite in the last couple of weeks. And I'm someone who always maxes out on those quizzes that test your vocabulary. (It was actually one of the things that my psychiatrist used to discover I had OCD.)
I'm thinking that there's a generational distinction here between the people who didn't know perquisite was even a word and those who do. As we've seen here, lots of people know the word, perk (the reasonable way to spell it), and don't even know it's derivation. That's because the word, perquisite, is no longer in common use, but perk is. But if you're old enough, and god knows many of us are, you will recognize the word on a vocabulary test. That's also probably true for lots of words. (Hijacking my own thread - many years ago I had to take the GRE. I had been out of school for quite some time. Results showed I killed the written portion, but didn't do as well in the math. What I remember about the math was that it had several questions of a type that I had NEVER seen before, and so struggled with to solve by my old-fashioned ways. I figured that younger people taking the test would be familiar with those types of questions and would do better on them, having learned some easier or quicker ways of figuring them out, but I was plenty well-groomed in grammar and language use, as opposed to many of the "kids" taking the test, who had gone through school when those things received less emphasis.)

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