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This story has been floating around for a while.
AP: Bush Loyalists Pack Iraq Press Office
Sunday April 4, 2004 8:31 PM

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Inside the marble-floored palace hall that serves as the press office of the U.S.-led coalition, Republican Party operatives lead a team of Americans who promote mostly good news about Iraq. Dan Senor, a former press secretary for Spencer Abraham, the Michigan Republican who's now Energy Secretary, heads the office packed with former Bush campaign workers, political appointees and ex-Capitol Hill staffers.


The U.S. team stands in deep contrast to the British team that works alongside it, almost all of whom are civil or foreign service employees, not political appointees. Many of the British in Iraq display regional knowledge or language skills that most of the Americans lack.
It's interesting to see the story finally being picked up by the mainstream US press. I guess they've noticed that the Titanic is sinking, and they've decided to head for the lifeboats rather than chaining themselves to the anchor.