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1) Young: I'm sure there are lots of 45 year old middle managers ready to go around the world and work 16 hour days, maybe for low pay, maybe as a volunteer, in a dangerous area.

2) Republicans: Do you think there are many liberals lining up to help the US effort over there? Should there be an affirmative action program to get more liberals into Iraq? Should the administration appoint to their own press office people critical of them?

In related, shocking, news, Bush's cabinet is composed entirely of Republicans who think he is a good President! Film at 11.

From Demo's cite:
The office counts 21 Republicans - 11 of whom have worked inside the Bush administration before their Iraq posting - among its 58 U.S. civilian staffers, according to figures Senor provided.
Wow... almost half of them belong to one of the two major parties!