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Originally Posted by furt
1) Young: I'm sure there are lots of 45 year old middle managers ready to go around the world and work 16 hour days, maybe for low pay, maybe as a volunteer, in a dangerous area.
Low pay?? You shoulda read the linked story. These kids were drawing six-figure incomes for their troubles.

And it wasn't particularly unsafe, since they could hardly bribe their way out of the Green Zone.
2) Republicans: Do you think there are many liberals lining up to help the US effort over there? Should there be an affirmative action program to get more liberals into Iraq? Should the administration appoint to their own press office people critical of them?
They could have taken applications from the general population, rather than just from people who filed their resumes on Heritage. Wanna go over there and poke around? I did:
The Heritage Foundation Job Bank assists conservatives in finding employment with conservative Congressional Offices, faith-based organizations, other public policy organizations, lobbying groups and trade associations.

Click here to view the Job Bank Mission.

Job Candidates:
Complete the online questionnaire

If you are looking for a qualified, conservative or classical-liberal candidate to fill an open public policy related position, use Heritage's free and confidential Job Bank services.
You know what you're getting, certainly. And it gets better:

The mission of The Heritage Foundation Job Bank is to further conservative principles and policies by assisting those individuals and organizations who support Heritage's vision for America. Because public policy organizations derive their competitive advantage from the quality of their human capital, the Heritage Foundation Job Bank performs an important and necessary function in equipping organizations to achieve their missions. It is the goal of the Job Bank to provide its “stakeholders,” both employers and candidates a confidential, high quality service that will meet and exceed expectations.

The Job Bank’s mission is accomplished through the placement of conservative/classical liberal job seekers in a variety of policy-related positions. Job Bank matches qualified candidates with open positions in congressional offices, other public policy organizations, trade associations, polling groups, faith-based organizations, and more recently, colleges and universities. All Job Bank related services are provided free by The Heritage Foundation.
Nothing wrong with the Heritage Foundation being who they are. But drafting people from that particular site, and treating that as a free pass, seems kinda squidgy for the Department of Defense to do.
In related, shocking, news, Bush's cabinet is composed entirely of Republicans who think he is a good President! Film at 11.
In more related news, there are both Democrats and Republicans throughout the government, and hopefully that will be the case as long as those two parties represent large numbers of Americans. Astonishingly enough, Democrats at, say, the Bureau of Justice Statistics don't work daily to undermine governance. I would think that would be true at the Coalition Provisional Authority as well.