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(This post is much later than it should be and there are lots of replies since I read the thread and started composing this. I'll read them all when I get a minute, and post again.)

I think TriPolar is closest to what I'm looking for. In Galaxy Quest, the long-gone inner show sets up the whole situation and keeps on motivating the action. (The Singing Detective works much the same way - the author wrote his book long ago, and it comes back to haunt him.) The Funniest Joke skit is also entirely motivated by the inner work. Chronos' Man of La Mancha sounds good too, and elfkin477's Pale Fire is at least close, though I haven't read it.

Most of the others don't seem quite right to me. They're mostly too general: "I'll write a book/make a movie/be a reporter/whatever!" The character is in charge of the plot, and the particular inner work is secondary. What I'd like to see is works in which the inner work drives the plot, and the characters are driven by that.

Thanks for all the replies. Keep them coming!