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Originally Posted by Yllaria View Post
I almost hate to do this, but would a comic strip count? If so, I vaguely remember a movie that I saw on TV an unspecified number of decades ago. There was a debonair single writer/artist of a newspaper comic strip who, together with his butler (?) (who might have been David Niven) acted out the scenes of a spy story before drawing up the strips.

He gets drunk one night and wakes up married to a blonde Italian woman who speaks no English. He adjusts. But since he can only draw things he's acted out, his character also marries and the plot starts focusing more on the spy adjusting to being a regular married guy than on the espionage. His ratings drop.

To save his ratings, he has to get his character out of its marriage. So he draws up several strips in which the character kills its wife and puts her in "the gloppita-gloppita machine", a huge cemet mixer working at a nearby construction site. The wife sees the drawings and thinks that he no longer wants to be married to her. She takes off in tears, telling no one.

Now the writer is suspected of killing his wife IRL. Or he's afraid that he will be. Hijinx ensure. Eventually, all is well. I was young enough when I saw it that I don't remember if the two lives (writer and character) diverge, or if the wife becomes another character and gets to play spy, too. All I remember is that when she comes back, she brings her mother, who is also a blonde Italian, and who has eyes for the David Niven character.
How to Murder Your Wife, starring Jack Lemmon, Verna Lisi, and Terry-Thomas (not David Niven). Great flick.

I'd contribute The Lord of the Rings, supposedly a scholarly translation of Bilbo's diaries, supplemented by Frodo and others.