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If you were planning on suddenly conjuring up a chronic disease, you probably should have done a quick google search. IBS and IBD are completely different diseases that just happen to occur in the same organ. It’s sort of like saying that since you can get certified for lung cancer, you should be able to go to your doctor with asthma and get certified and then saying “I have been suffering from asthma/lung cancer for years and treating it myself so I should get a certification without having to get any evaluation.” This just demonstrates how stupid the “medical marijuana” laws are. Just go ahead and make it legal if you’re going to approve it for medical use. It’s pretty clear that most of those with certifications don’t have an actual medical need and then you end up with doctors like the one cited who basically agree to certify pretty much anybody for enough money. I could be wrong, and she could be very ethically evaluating each case on its merits, but the way that the OP describes how he heard of her and how the interaction went, I sort of doubt it.
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