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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
Here are the 21 conditions Pennsylvania allows treatment with medical marijuana. I'm sure you can find plenty of laughs in the list.
And the bona fide, scientifically demonstrated effectiveness of marijuana on those diagnoses is pretty close to zero. Reports of usefulness of pot on those entities are based on anecdotes 99+% of the time.

Now I'm sure people report relief of symptoms; pot works great for making most folks feel better. Works better than alcohol, for sure. Safer, too.

And while pot does lower intra-ocular pressure, it needs to be consumed every 2 hours to do so effectively; i.e. enough to prevent actual blindness from developing due to elevated pressure. Eye drops and eye surgery are better options.

Once we study the various active components of pot, I'm sure we'll find some demonstrated uses for it. But touting it as a fix for nearly everything then making physicians complicit in approving it remains ludicrous.