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Originally Posted by begbert2 View Post
I dunno, I feel like my conscious influence on my actions is pretty strong. I don't feel like a passive passenger in my own head (though I suppose my subconscious could just be pretending to let me lead, like my mom does with my dad).
The more I ponder this stuff, the more I question that assumption. When I look at my behavior patterns and the behavior patterns of people I know, it sure looks like we are operating on machinery that is significantly and consistently driven by the same patterns over and over.

Even though it does seem like we can react to our environment and make choices, it sure seems like that choice process is much more of a formula highly constrained by the machinery (due to nature+nurture), as opposed to an open ended consciousness based selection process.

The only reason I would make a different decision (than the ones I typically make) is if there was an explicit input identifying the fact that a non-standard decision is being targeted/tested and therefore I should choose that path to prove it can be done (based on my internal motivation that would push me towards even evaluating that condition).