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Originally Posted by RaftPeople View Post
I'm not passing a value judgement on it, I'm just saying that my analysis is leading me to believe that the patterns that drive us seem like they are stronger and further below the conscious level than I previously assumed.
I guess my only real response is, brains be complicated, yo!

Though, to say on-topic, complicated doesn't mean uncopyable. It just means that when we replicate all the neuron-states and chemical soups, we might not know what they're doing even as we move them over.

One fun (though debatably ethical) thing we could do once we were emulating the brains would be to sick an AI on them and have it make multiple copies of the emulated brains and selectively tweak/remove physical elements and compare ongoing behavior afterward. We could find out which aspects of our brain's physicality are necessary for proper mind function real quick. (Hmm, removing all the blood had an adverse effect. Guess we needed that. Next test!)

Given enough whittling we might be able to emulate a mind without emulating the whole brain - just the parts and processes that actually matter. (With the brain matter's physical weight or the skull enclosing it being possible superfluous factors that could be removed, for example.) In this way we might be able to emulate minds more efficiently than fully emulating all the physical matter in the vicinity.