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Originally Posted by Hermitian View Post
Keep in mind I said this is the MINIMUM that you would need to be persuaded to quit your job, not your dream retirement package.

If $20M is really your minimum, then I am guessing you are used to a slightly more expensive lifestyle than most. That's fine, all data points are interesting.
I still maintain that single-digit millions isn't enough. I mean, insurance only pays so much- if you get some diseases, it's really easy to blow past your coverage. And then it's out of your own pocket.

And I wouldn't want to just make my current salary and quit working. I'd rather make significantly more and quit- otherwise I could just use that as an adjunct to my current salary and have the reassurance that with a few million in the bank, I wouldn't have to put up with any bullshit that I didn't choose to.

But to quit my job? That would pretty much, by my definition, be the dream retirement package- that's the point of the question, as I see it.

I'm 46, with a wife and two kids under 8. So I'm looking at the necessity of providing a good life for them, with wiggle room for contingencies, as well as providing for our retirements and hopefully leaving a lot for my kids.

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