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Just working on the assumption that I'll live another 40 years or so, the first thought that jumped into my head is 40 million.
But, realistically, 4 million would give me 100k per year. More than enough to better than I do now, even with inflation kept in mind.

Originally Posted by Hermitian View Post
1. The investment will grow (on average) 4% a year
I think if I was going to retire significantly early, I wouldn't want to rely on investing. So, maybe add another million to stick in something more volitile than a regular savings account/CD. That would get me 4 million to spend over the next 40 years and a million which, if it accrues 4% per year, would be the equivalent of replacing my current weekly paycheck with a $3300 weekly dividend check.
Either one of which would get me from now until the end, but if one disappears, I'd still have the other.

But, I should mentioned that this is just hypothetical. If I suddenly had a few great stock market picks and found myself with 4 million in my checking account, I wouldn't quit work just yet.

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