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Originally Posted by squeegee View Post
Huh. I'm surprised at the popularity of $2m. I'm most of the way toward that now, age 57, and I don't consider that anywhere near enough to retire. Which sucks, because I've had cancer that stands a decent chance of returning, and I'd like to travel and enjoy life before it does. Instead I'll be punching out paychecks for probably eight more years, crossing my fingers.
The best way of doing this is to talk to a financial adviser and see which investments can generate a reasonable amount of cash. Then analyze your spending.
Right now you see yourself traveling all the time, but when the time comes you will be ready for a break when you return. Also, when you travel when retired you have the flexibility of getting better deals.
We did a 6 week trip, 3 weeks driving coast to coast and back and 3 weeks in the middle in New York, eating out every night and seeing shows, and I don't think it cost more than $8k. Good deal on an AirBnB did it.
If you want to stay in suites every night, different story.