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The Heinlein people need to help me out on this one.

A short story, Somewhere In Time (???) A professor had his students listen to some sort of recording and they vanished into some sort of alternate universe/ other time. One student became an angel, a couple became some sort of ultra-future queen and king warriors....

Not really time travel per se, but still a fascinating story.

Plot twist spoiled on next one:

There was also another one, title a complete blank, where a "time viewer," "chronoscope" was invented
and lied about, because it didn't allow viewing distant past, but only recent past. However, it allowed a viewer to see anywhere. Setting it at say, one second in the past, allowed a viewer to spy on anyone in almost real time, thus ending forever any sort of privacy.

I would love to reread either of these stories, if I could just find the real titles. So, Heinlein experts... ideas?

Not really a hijack. These are great time travel type stories that you might enjoy, Quasi.