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Originally posted by delphica
Jack Finney is the man for you. Time and Again is about a man who goes back to NYC in the 1880s, and has the added bonus of being illustrated with nifty period reproductions. Finney does a great job of combining the mystery plot elements with fascinating little tidbts about the differences in day-to-day life that surprise the time traveller. The sequel, From Time to Time is also pretty decent, although the plot is a little more stereotypical.
I'd also recommended his book of non-fiction "Forgotten News," in which he discusses things he picked up while doing research for Time and Again. Half of the book is about a notorious "Crime of the Century" that was played out in the pages of the newspapers of the day. He actually managed to find the house the murder took place in, looking remarkably the same considering it took place about 150 years before.