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Originally Posted by pancakes3 View Post
where are these polls? i think it's just conventional wisdom that the average tiger outweighs the average lion so...
That's debate-able, but the I'm researching the more I'm finding out that the media has poor crdibilty an false claim's, but I belive that they are roughly the same size's, the tiger can just maintain being hevier more often. That dosent mean lion's cant reach any weight the tiger can, here is what site's like wiki try's so hard to conseal, the fact that they gave a 300 pound advantage on wiki speak's in how they just wanted other's to think there's a leverage, which in fact in a whole speice's tiger's only average around 430 pound's as adult's, an lion's can match the heavy hitter's as well...
Tiger weight’s show they avearge no bigger than lion’s
The bengal tiger is thinner an lighter than the lion
Hewett (1938), Inverarity (1888), Baker (1890), Buton (1933, 1948), Hornaday (1885), Meinertzhagen (1939) and Sanderson (1912) shows an average of 422 lbs, not far from the 420 lbs mark, isn't it?

{What ever weight’s the tiger has reach so can the lion}
408kg=904 pound lion named Ali owned by Charle’s mason of king’sbridge
two…900 pound lions
- 900 pound lion,2398849
818 pound lion named ponto fight’s off 2 tiger’s
826 pound lion named simba
802 pound lion named mubasa
806 pound lion attack’s tarzan 1967, in Cleveland, OH; Tarzan was attacked in the ring by an 800-pound lion.
2… 800 pound lion’s 1 named Prince an 1 named clarence
813 pound lion owner ruthledge
908 pound lion owned by Peter jackson
800 pound lion
800 pound lion in circus
Trump: The Art Of The Deal
But Irving was very much like a lion tamer. You've seen these guys, maybe I50
pounds, who walk blithely into a cage where there's a magnificent 800~pound lion
800 pound lion named woody
CBS News investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian speaks about the debate and what it was like doing an interview within feet of a 900-pound lion.