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Originally Posted by TriPolar View Post
You need to do much more. Use a word processor to spell check and grammar check your posts. Use the insert link icon on highlighted descriptive test for your links. Don't throw so many links into each post. Sort them out and address smaller sets of them in each post. Your spelling looks intentionally incorrect, that's just pointless unless you are making a point about spelling. Seriously, I don't usually mind this stuff, but your posts rattle my eyes.
lol Nah, I'm just lazy, I can spell but I just rush an really dont care all that much, an english isint my native language, so you'd have to bare with me on that, if you were to come where I live people would be scratching there head's when you talk or laugh.
But I dont think there that much, they are in catagorie form, so they cover one thing at a time, you'd be able to read them faster than a magazine or book, again your just looking for the key point's not the intire book of what I presented. I had spell checker but this PC is to old, again my other PC broke down so you'd have to bare with it. I like how they are formated because they are in catagorie form I'm not just spweing out random link's, an if you find any broken one's then please do tell me, because that's the last thing I want is false or not working links.