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Originally Posted by Great Antibob View Post
ETA: when you do achieve a certain level of wealth and status, it's not really considered 'hoarding' anymore. Note the extensive collections held by the nobility and royalty of Europe, much of which served no better purpose than taking up an increasing amount of space rather than being actively enjoyed.
Owning a large, well-curated collection is not considered hoarding.

Compulsive hoarding happens when you gather or keep irrationally large amounts or types of objects to the point that it causes you distress or impairs your safety, health, or ability to live a normal life. It's not the simple laziness of teenagers, it's a major mental illness. If you tidy a teenager's room, they won't give a damn. If you try to tidy a hoarder's house, they are likely to have a major panic attack and do their damnedest to stop you because one of these days they might need that very thing you're trying to discard.

Signs and Symptoms of Compulsive Hoarding

AIUI, one of the earliest well-documented cases of hoarding was the Collyer brothers, who died amidst their hoard in 1947.