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Originally Posted by doreen View Post

With these two quotes in particular , I can't help but wonder if you are strictly talking about meals. I've certainly known people who restricted small children's eating to the kitchen/dining room, but I can't say I've ever known a family where the older children and adults sat at the kitchen table to eat popcorn. Nor can I really imagine what "clean up really well" means if you're talking about eating a candy bar.
When I was small enough that my parents supervised me eating candy at say Halloween or Easter it would be eaten at the dinning room table once I was old enough to procure my own candy (16+) I really didn't eat it any more or if I did it would be at a gas station while I was running around I certainly wouldn't save it to bring back to my room.

As far as popcorn, I wasn't watching movies in my bedroom so that was done in the living room where food was ok. Heck, most of our dinners were eaten in front of the TV. I guess i have the opposite problem, why would you bother to carry something small to your room instead of eating it where you got it from and if it is something like ice cream or popcorn why aren't you sitting some where with a table so you don't drop any on the floor? I've got a coffee table that has a top that lifts up to a comfortable eating height in front of my tv for exactly this reason.