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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
I don't really care about anyone saying "that looks creepy" if they see Biden doing something on TV. That doesn't bother me.

I don't like the usage of these lurid videos of women and girls being touched, that were made for political purposes, without the consent of these women and girls. And I don't like others trying to use these nasty, consent-free videos for their own arguments. There are perfectly reasonable criticisms of Biden's behavior, using Flores' account (and apparently a second account I haven't seen yet), that don't require the usage of random internet consent-free nastiness.

And I really don't like your brushing aside the personhood of Stephanie Carter who is perfectly capable of speaking for herself, and did speak for herself, and you continued to implicitly deny that she could have this voice and was capable of having a friend who could give her hugs as they pleased. I can't imagine how you've convinced yourself that you shouldn't have backed off from this. Biden behaved inappropriately with Flores; that doesn't mean that he behaved inappropriately with Carter, especially when she says that they were close friends and she welcomed his affection. Those posts are creepy and gross, and you don't lose anything by considering that maybe you made a mistake and backing off from them.
You have been called out about thinking it is somehow improper these women have their very public photos and videos shared. Dunno what more to tell you except it is fine and your concern is unfounded.

Maybe you think it is not right for us to assume how they feel about Unca Joe neck rubs but there is a reason most people looking at them squirm a bit because it is weird. Maybe it is normal where you are from but the rest of us find it super creepy.

Biden has been accused of something so pics/vids of him doing what he is accused of are very relevant. Indeed, not even particularly new. The pics/vids were all taken in *very* public settings. No one, not even the kids, expected privacy with a zillion cameras pointed at them.

So, if you think you are protecting Jane Doe forget it...the pictures are out there. If you think you are protecting Biden...why?

As for Carter you forget we also have Flores. So, one person who is seen with a special Unca Joe neck rub is cool with it and another person says special Unca Joe neck rub creeped her out.

We have loads of pics of Unca Joe' special neck rubs...not just these two.

Whose side are you on?
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