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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I accept that Northam is not a racist today, and as far as we know, he might never have been a racist. It doesn't really matter; the offense is still serious enough that he needs to resign for the good of the Commonwealth. . . .

Let's step back and consider this: it's a blatantly racist photograph, not in his high school yearbook picture, not even in his college fraternity yearbook picture, but his medical school yearbook. He's about to enter the professional world, and he thought somehow that this was acceptable to participate in. We're talking about knowingly, willingly participating in a picture that makes light of an organization that murdered black people by the thousands from 1866 - 1979. I doubt that it's the case that he had no say at all in what photographs he got 'tagged' in. He presumably thought it was okay, that it's just a joke, and that it's funny and doesn't matter. He's just edgy, politically incorrect, I guess.
We all agree that it's a disgusting, offensive photo. And I'm on the fence, but I think he probably needs to go. It goes without saying that if he condones that today he's a racist tool that needs to booted from office today. But . . .

I'm a 56 year old man. And I'm certain that I did something, said something or was tangentially evolved in something 25 to 35 years ago that by today's standards would be offense. But things change, and social mores change. And I'm very uncomfortable that we are going to bring out actions from 35, 45, 55? years ago, judge them by today's standards and take action on them.

While I live in Virginia now, I don't know much about the Governor, but I haven't heard him being racist before now. Do his actions over the last 35 years, provided they were progressive and honest, trump the photo?

In short, are we all certain that we haven't done anything over the last 35 years that would be judged differently today? What are we doing now that our grandchildren will look askance at us for in 40 years? Because you can be certain that some things that we condone now will look like hell in 40 years.