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Originally posted by Binarydrone
<Donning asbestos underpants>
For the love of all that is good and pure, stay away from Asimov, Clark and Niven! Yes, they forged the way, and yes they are in some ways the giants on whose shoulders many other authors stand, however, if you are looking to get in to science fiction for the firs time I think that you will find them a bit of a chore.
Asbestos underwear or not, I don't understand why you would say that. Aside from the fact that those are the authors I read when I first discovered science fiction as a child, the OP specifically stated that he read a book by Clark and liked it. Personally, I find the works of Asimov and Clark a little too old fashioned for my current tastes, but I would still recommend them for somebody just getting interested in the genre.

Works by Greg Bear, on the other hand, I would definitely advise holding off for awhile (unless you happen to be a physicist).

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