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I'll agree with Thudlow, what exactly did you like in the Harry Potter series? There are many different kinds of fantasy and ways of telling a story (no, I'm not trying to be facetious).

-A young, mistreated hero discovering (s)he is really more?
-The magic? The magical world? The secret world?
-The mystery, puzzle-like aspect that each book had?
-Narrator treating the reader like an adult (maybe you've only encountered fantasy novels intended for children?) ?
-Good triumphing over evil (maybe )?
-Weird little elves with big moon-eyes that do whatever you want?

Alternatively, you said you don't like the action-y stuff; Would you care to try novels that include:
-Philosophical discussions? (eg. Sword of Truth)
-Science fiction along with fantasy? (eg. Apprentice Adept)
-Humorous fantasy (eg. Diskworld)
-Personified rodents? (Redwall)

Meanwhile, I'll second the Robin Hobb books (not only are they good, but they have many of these aspects in common with the Harry Potter series)!