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Originally Posted by Phantom Dennis
Problem is, I've tried on several occasions to read Lord of the Rings -- the quintessential fantasy series -- and I've never been able to last longer than a few hundred pages. (I liked the Hobbit though). So I guess I'd prefer something a bit lighter than LotR-- something without all the dense, long-winded arcana I associate with Tolkien's books.

Your recommendations would be appreciated.
I'm with you on LotR, and I'm an avid fantasy fiction reader. I third the A Song of Ice and Fire recommendation - the books are long and somewhat dense, but the plot moves pretty quickly and it seems closer to historical fiction than it does to fantasy.

Neil Gaiman is also a good recommendation.

I also liked Diane Wynne Jones - her stories are short and fanciful, without the intricate details that drag a lot of fantasy novels down. Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite.