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I've been reading fantasy and sf all my life, but I also disliked Lord of the Rings, so you've got company.

I agree with a many of the suggestions here and would also recommend The Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman. It's technically set on another planet, but is otherwise basically fantasy, with a fascinating take on magic. The characters are complex, and compelling.

Also you might enjoy the mystery aspects of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books, as well as the real life/magic concept.

For real people, I'd suggest Charles de Lint's Newford books. I always suggest starting with Dreams Underfoot and Someplace To Be Flying. These are set in the real world, where sometimes the mythic world intersects. You get to know and love several "regular" characters over the course of the subsequent books.

If you don't like "dense, long-winded arcana", then you'll probably want to stay away from Jonathan Strange.

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