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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
On the flip side, I think there's real momentum in Florida, and I again think that Brown would do well there - perhaps better than the rest of the Democratic field. .
Sorry, I meant Texas, not Florida. There's real momentum in Texas, as Beto O'Rourke proved. But O'Rourke proved that moderates and pragmatists could compete with Republicans in Texas. It's not clear how well more aggressive progressives would play there - I'm guessing not nearly as well.

It's paradoxical because nationally, I think the country is flirting more and more with liberalism. As I've cynically posted before, what would probably do the trick, what would be the tipping point, is a shock to the system. I think the country is starting to understand that there's some good value in some of the things that progressives are offering - tangible things like healthcare they can use and worker protection as a result of organized labor.

The problem is in the electoral math. In certain places, progressivism is viewed through a jaundiced lens.