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I realized that I forgot to explain what the game actually is. Well, you might have an idea from the links but I'll give you a summary.

At its core, KSP is a space-based physics sandbox. You build rockets, spaceships, and aircraft out of a set of modules like engines and fuel tanks. You then go on to pilot those craft in a solar system that resembles (but isn't identical to) our own.

There are various modes to the game. You can have a completely freeform sandbox if you like where you can build whatever you want at any time. Or, there's a career mode where you slowly unlock new technologies as you progress. There are missions you can go through to earn money and science points. The missions increase in difficulty in a way that guides you toward increasing your skill set.

There's no story in KSP, though there's an amusing background to the game which comes through in the item descriptions, missions, etc. Kerbals (the alien species who are our heroes) are either brave or foolhardy, depending on your perspective, and while they seem to build reliable hardware it is a bit more slapdash than one would hope for. But never mind that; you can always add more struts if your rockets keep falling apart.

It's not a game for you if you want a linear story based game, or don't like the basic fail-and-iterate loop. But if you like physics games at all, this is for you. It is kid-friendly, though "with adult supervision" given the basic difficulty. In fact, I'd say if you ever liked building-type toys like LEGO or Erector, then KSP is also for you.