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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
The downside is that the game has a fairly high barrier to entry.
This cannot be emphasized enough. Great fun as the game is, the learning curve is extremely steep. I got in pretty early on the Early Access, so I got into it before there was any tutorial or instructions in-game at all. I could barely even get anything off the ground until I watched several hours of YouTube videos about it. While there are tutorials in-game now, much of it is still pretty baffling if you know nothing about rocketry or space travel.

Then again, the trial-and-error aspect of the game is a large part of the fun, and it makes the successes much more rewarding. Even with proper knowledge going in, you will still fail, a LOT. But you will also learn quite a bit by playing it. I knew nothing about orbital mechanics, periapsis and apoapsis, thrust-to-weight ratios, curved trajectories, any of that stuff, and I killed a ton of poor Kerbals along the way, but after a few hundred hours playing around with it I've managed to keep most of my Kerbals alive lately.