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Originally Posted by Marley23 View Post
I think most of it is companies and stations being extremely cautious and not the NFL telling them they can't say it. They'd rather just say a few extra words and avoid any trouble.
I'll buy that as an observed point but not as any kind of answer. The NFL has been very aggressive about what it sees as misuse; a 200-year-old newspaper should be able to put a "Superbowl Countdown" on its page without fear of legal retribution.

So yes, the NFL has even the media running scared on this, even if it's caution and not actual supported law. Why do they care and why do even news agencies bend to this bizarre demand? I mean, no one would think twice about a news report that said the robber ordered a Whopper before robbing the place; BK is not going to sue them into insolvency for not calling it The Big Sandwich.