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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
You know that Sanders Supporter politician who complained how Biden kissed her on the back of the head? Sure. Not good
Ex-Sanders supporter, it seems. Flores left Our Revolution, Bernie Sander's group, in May 2018.

Velasquez’s departure follows the resignation of Lucy Flores, a former Nevada assemblywoman and fellow founding board member, who quit in April over her own anger at Our Revolution for, in her view, ignoring issues important to Latinos.
Originally Posted by Sherrerd View Post
To spell it out: Biden hugs down.

Biden, when he grabs people and smells their hair and kisses their heads, is asserting dominance. He probably has no idea that he's asserting dominance--he'd probably be hurt and offended by the observation that that's what he's doing.

But if he doesn't behave the same way with everyone---if he refrains from hugging and smelling the hair of people who outrank him in the status hierarchy---then that's what he's doing. He's asserting dominance.

And that's what the recipients of his "hug down" maneuvers find uncomfortable.
Interesting theory. I'm not disagreeing. I do think there's a power dynamic that has an impact on the complaints. But the thing with being the Vice-President of the US is that there aren't many people who are up from that position. Your example of the Pope is a good one, but maybe people just do behave differently around the Pope. I did a quick search for 'Obama and Biden embracing' because Obama is the only other person who would be up from Biden. I found some of those photos to be cringe-worthy. YMMV.

ETA: Just noticed that DrDeth just made this point. I posted this before I saw that.

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